Austitch Embroidery

Austitch Embroidery was established in 1990 as a high quality, Australian Embroidery and Digitising Company and we still maintain this original focus. In 1998 Austitch purchased ALZ Embroidery which was one of the first companies to commercially operate multi head embroidery machinery and was an established business for over 40 years.

We are located at South Pine Road, Brendale and our premises (click here for location map) offer modern facilities with convenient parking for clients in Brendale, Brisbane.

Austitch is one of the largest contract embroiderers in Queensland, whose clients include sporting, corporate, fashion, government and promotional organisations.

Austitch has the technology and experience to embroider virtually any garment, including panel pieces, caps, bucket hats, visors, sports bags, polo’s, t-shirts, jackets, jersey’s, towels, bathrobes and all other clothing; along with badges, hatbands and epaulettes.

You can supply your own items or we will happily save you time and money by sourcing products for you from our extensive range of wholesale suppliers who can offer high quality garments and promotional items, depending on quantites involved and your requirements.

Expert inhouse digitising is provided from our Brisbane office within 3 days. Production time is usually 5-10 working days upon receipt of your order (and garments) and approval of design.

Austitch’s mission is to provide our clients with highest quality of embroidery services, in a short turnaround time, to achieve the best possible image to its valued clients. Our services include custom embroidery, logo, shirt and other clothing embroidery as well as digitizing services.

We specialise in embroidery, appliques, cloth badges, including collector badges, epaulettes, slides and digitising.